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Critical acclaim for REP Online

‘The newly updated Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online... is a highly useful, well-established electronic resource for students of philosophy.... Highly recommended’ – Choice, April 2011

'Surpasses the seemingly unsurpassable print reference... REP Online reveals what it means to reinvent the conventional Encyclopedia dynamically... This easy-to-use resource will definitely become the first stop for philosophy research. Highly recommended for academic and medium to large public libraries.' - Library Journal: Best Web Reference, 2000

'...REP Online is sure to dazzle... this easy-to-use resource will definitely become the first stop for philosophy research. Highly recommended for academic and medium to large public libraries.' - Christopher Holly, Library Journal

'Since its publication, Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy has become the leading work in its field. The Web version transforms this important title into a dynamic Web resource that will continually grow and be updated... An important resource for students and faculty wherever philosophy is taught.' - Choice

'REP Online has great potential as an evolving, truly dynamic Encyclopedia suitable for intelligent high-school students and professional philosophers alike.' - Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin

'REP Online stands on a rock-solid foundation...This reference has already established itself as a major scholarly contribution.' - Charleston Advisor

'Top Marx for Routledge... The print/CD-ROM version of the Encyclopedia elicited a flurry of superlatives from the original reviewers. For the new online version reviewers will have to invent new superlatives to supersede the old.' - Jonathan Bengston, Information World Review

Praise for the 1998 Print Edition

'As this seven-year undertaking is likely to be the definitive Encyclopedia of philosophy for the next generation, it is highly recommended for academic libraries and other institutions where philosophy in any of its forms is likely to be of interest.' - Booklist

'Readers with an interest and background in philosophy will certainly find this Encyclopedia a huge help. But undergraduates majoring in philosophy, graduate students and faculty will find it essential. Routledge's Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a major addition to the reference literature...academic and most large public libraries will want [it].' - Against the Grain

'Indispensable to all but the most solitary of philosophers, to historians of thought and culture, to students everywhere.' - George Steiner, New York Times Book Review

'If only someone had given this to me when I was in college! And, if only I could retire now and spend the rest of my life with it chipping away at my boundless ignorance!' - Jim Holt, The Wall Street Journal

'It will be read and understood by the educated public as well as scholars and will be a fine addition to academic and large public library reference collections.' - American Libraries

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