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Permissions Acknowledgment

The publishers thank the copyright holders of the following material for permission to reproduce extracts and artwork in the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online.

Academic Press, Inc., USA.

Artwork: 'Wakan: Plains Siouan Concepts of Power' (by DeMallie and Lavenda), from The Anthropology of Power: ethnographic studies from Asia, Oceania, and the New World, edited by R.D. Fogelson and R.N. Adams (1977).

Cambridge University Press, England.

Extracts from: Philosophical Papers, F.P. Ramsey, edited by D.H. Mellor (1990); The Philosophical Writings of Descartes, volumes I and II, translated and edited by J. Cottingham, R. Stoothoff and D. Murdoch (1985); The Philosophical Writings of Descartes, volume III, translated and edited by J. Cottingham, R. Stoothoff, D. Murdoch and A. Kenny (1991).

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., USA.

Artwork: 'A Simple Connectionist Network', from The Symbolic and Connectionist Paradigms: Closing the Gap, edited by J. Dinsmore (1992).

G. Olms Publishers, Germany.

Extracts from: Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker (Fragments of the Presocratics), edited by H. Diels and W. Kranz (1952).

Princeton University Press, USA.

Extracts from: A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy, translated and edited by Chan Wing-tsit (1963).


Every effort has been made to trace the copyright holders for all images but if any have been inadvertently overlooked the publisher will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements at the first opportunity.

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