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Recommended Platforms and Browsers



Recommended Platforms and Browsers

The following platform and browser combinations are fully supported by REP Online:

  1. Windows Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0
  2. Windows Netscape 6.2
  3. Macintosh Internet Explorer 5.5
  4. Macintosh Netscape 4.7 and 6.2r
  5. Mozilla 1.0

Pages will also display reliably on the following:

  1. Windows Internet Explorer 5.0
  2. Windows Netscape 4.7
  3. Macintosh Internet Explorer 4.5
  4. Lynx
  5. Opera
  6. Windows Internet Explorer 4.0

However, some of the latter browsers may not render pages perfectly since they may not fully support current web standards. If you are using such a browser, we would recommend you upgrade to a more recent, standards-compliant version. For more information, see information at the Web Standards Project.

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