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AllLearn: Philosophy of Religion Resources
Provides links to leading academic websites, focusing on the Philosophy of Religion, as reviewed and catalogued by university experts.

Analytic Philosophy of Religion – Michael Sudduth's Homepage
This site provides links to resources in the philosophy of religion, general philosophy, theology and science. It also includes information about teaching resources and on-line access to key readings.

DMOZ: Philosophy of Religion
Links to Philosophy of Religion resources from the Open Directory Project

Epistemelinks: Philosophy of Religion
This site provides an extensive collection of links to resources on the Philosophy of Religion.

Evangelical Philosophical Society
The EPS is an organization of professional scholars devoted to pursuing philosophical excellence in both the church and the academy. This site, provides information on membership, the society's journal, and links to related web pages.

Guide to Internet Resources for Teaching and Learning in Philosophy
This site provides links to a selective collection of philosophers whose writings have come to have bearing on religious thought. It also offers links to more general philosophy and religion resources.

Paideia: Philosophy of Religion
This page presents the full text of 35 Philosophy of Religion papers presented at the 20th World Congress of Philosophy in Boston, Massachusetts from August 10–15, 1998. A very broad spread of topics and perspectives is represented. The papers are organised by author name and are also searchable.

Philosophy in Cyberspace: Philosophy of Religion
This site provides extensive links Philosophy of Religion and related resources.

Philosophy and Religion
Web site edited by Professor Richard T. Nolan, offering various online resources for teaching philosophy and religion.

Philosophy of Religion
This site provides links to the works of religious philosophers throughout history. It also includes details of relevant websites concerning the philosophy of religion.

Philosophy of Religion: The Fresian School
This site hosts accessible essays on the philosophy of religion, describing influential classical figures and advancing a theory of religious values inspired by the influence of Jacob Friedrich Fries (1773–1843).

SOSIG: Philsophy of Religion
Philosophy of Religion resource page from the Social Science Information Gateway. Provides access to a wide range of information including relevant publications, educational materials, discussion groups and organizations.

Test Questions for Philosophy of Religion
145 true/false and multiple-choice questions on philosophy of religion are collected here. The knowledge tested bears on the major arguments for the existence of God, and readings from Aquinas, Dostoevsky and Kierkegaard, among others.

The Centre for Philosophy of Religion
The Centre for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame promotes scholarly work in philosophy of religion and Christian philosophy. This site provides further details of the Centre's activities and programmes.

Theistic Philosophers on the Web
This site provides a list of individuals who classify themselves as both philosophers and theists.


A general resource about the Muslim religion, this site includes material on beliefs and practices, Allah and the Holy Quran, history and current events and general information for the beginner.

Islamic Civilization
This page provides numerous links to related subjects within Islamic civilization.

Islamic Medicine
This site presents an online series of articles which discuss the art, science, and history of Islamic medicine.

Islamic Philosophy Online
A large and informative site on Islamic philosophy. Includes general information about Islamic philosophy, details of current research and activities, online access to featured articles, details of related courses and material on key Islamic philosophers.

Islamic Philosophy Resources
An extensive bibliography of books on Islamic Philosophy.

Islamic Philosophy and Theology
A collection of writings and essays on Islamic philosophy and theology including some translations of ancient texts.

Islamic Studies: Islam, Arabic and Religion
This is the academic website of Dr. Alan Godlas, Professor in the Department of Religion, University of Georgia, and provides a scholarly overview of Islam, Arabic, Western religions, and related subjects. At the core of the site are numerous categorized and annotated links to Islam accompanied by short introductory essays.

PHILTAR: Individual Philosophers
An introduction to major thinkers in Islamic philosophy

The Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
The Internet Islamic history source book provides access to readings, many of which are primary texts, on Islamic history from its foundations through to post-1945.

The Islamic Interlink
This site provides links to a range of resources on Islamic Philosophy and Thought.


Argos is a limited area search engine, specialising in indexing resources in ancient and medieval studies.

DMOZ: Middle Ages
Links to Medieval resources from the Open Directory Project

Epistemelinks: Medieval Philosophy
This site provides a collection of links to resources in Medieval Philosophy

Historians and Philosophers: Medieval and Renaissance Period
A collated web index of historians and philosophers. This page provides links to sources of information about significant figures from the Medieval and Renaissance periods.

Humbul Humanities Hub: Philosophy
This site provides links to a range of philosophical resources and can be accessed by period. The sections pertaining to Medieval Phiolosophy are divided between three parts: 500–1000CE, 1000–1200 CE and 1200–1500 CE

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
The Internet Medieval Sourcebook contains organized links to thousands of related sources. The main sections cover: selected sources, full text sources, and saints' lives. Supplementary sections include selected secondary sources, medieval legal history, maps, images, films and music, and newly translated texts.

Late Medieval and Early Modern Intellectual History
This site provides online access to electronic texts, commentaries, and lectures covering the thought of Scotus, Ockham, Wyclif, Buridan, and Grotius.

Luminarium: Medieval
A beautifully presented anthology of Middle English Literature providing access to texts, author details, related bibliographies, and additional resources.

Netserf: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
rovides a searchable list of medieval resources including sections on medieval architecture, drama, art, culture, history, archaeology, philosophy and more.

Online Medieval and Classical Library
The OMACL is a collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization.

ORB: Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
ORB is an academic site, written and maintained by medieval scholars for the benefit of their fellow instructors and serious students.

Paideia: Medieval Philosophy
This page presents the full text of Medieval Philosophy papers presented at the 20th World Congress of Philosophy in Boston, Massachusetts from August 10–15, 1998. The papers are organised by author name and are also searchable.

Philosophy in Cyberspace: Medieval Thought and Philosophy
This site provides extensive links to resources on Medieval Thought and Philosophy.

The Labyrinth: WWW Server for Medieval Studies
The Labyrinth provides access to electronic resources in medieval studies around the world. It includes a library of electronic texts, bibliographies, pedagogical resources, and Medieval Studies text, image, and archival databases.

Websites Relevant to Medieval Studies
This site provides links to an impressive range of medieval studies resources including conference information, databases, general resources, journals and newsletters, libraries and museums, university medieval studies departments, and various miscellaneous resources.

WWW Medieval Resources
This site provides access to a range of Medieval resources including discussion lists, texts, databases, archives of medieval art, medieval science sites, and a variety of miscellaneous medieval information.

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