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Immortality in ancient philosophy

New article December 10, 2002

1 Before Plato
2 Plato
3 Aristotle
4 After Aristotle



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AllLearn: Ancient Philosophy Resources
Provides links to leading academic websites, focusing on Ancient Philosophy, as reviewed and catalogued by university experts.

Ancient Greece
This site provides access to a variety of resources concerning Ancient Greece, and includes a section on philosophy comprising Pre-Socratic Philosophy, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Hellenistic Philosophy.

Ancient Greek (Hellenic) Sites on the WWW
This site provides a range of links to Ancient Greek resources online, including: authors and texts, art and images, maps and geography, and essential sites.

Argos is a limited area search engine, specialising in indexing resources in ancient and medieval studies.

Classics Resources
This page provides links to a vast range of classics resources including: Greek and Latin language resources, Greek and Latin authors and texts, classics associations, classics departments, electronic journals in classics, classics publishers, and general classics sites.

DMOZ: Ancient Philosophy
Links to Metaphysics resources from the Open Directory Project

Early Greek Philosophy
Online version of the 3rd edition of John Burnet's famous study of Presocratic philosophy, Early Greek Philosophy, originally published in 1920.

Epistemelinks: Ancient Philosophy
This site provides an extensive collection of links to resources in Ancient Philosophy

Greek Philosophy
An introduction to Early Greek Philosophers from Thales to Democritus

Greek Philosophy Archive
Provides on-line access to the works of Greek Philosophers and includes links to further Classics and Philosophy sites.

Historians and Philosophers: Classical Period
A collated web index of historians and philosophers. This page provides links to sources of information about significant figures from the classical period.

Philosophy in Cyberspace: Ancient Philosophy and Classical Thought
This site provides extensive links to resources in Ancient Philosophy and Classical Thought.

Presocratic Philosophy
Award winning site introducing the work of the Presocratics.

Project Archelogos
The Archelogos Project is designed for use as a research tool for specialists in classical philosophy. It aims at constructing an electronic database to contain all the philosophical arguments found in the works of Plato and Aritstotle and to make explicit their logical interconnection.

The Perseus Project
The Perseus Project is a large digital library of texts and images for the study of ancient Greece and ancient Rome. The resources available via Perseus are extensive and texts are available in both Greek and in English translation.

The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
Founded in 1972 the TLG has collected and digitized most literary texts written in Greek from Homer to the fall of Byzantium in AD 1453. Its goal is to create a comprehensive digital library of Greek literature from antiquity to the present era.

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